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Enjoy thousands of pre-recorded songs live in your living room through PianoDisc®. Around the turn of the 20th Century the most popular home entertainment device in the American home was the player piano. Virtually every manufacturer concentrated their efforts in sales and marketing to the piano that "played itself." At the turn of the 21st Century, the same concept has been adapted using digitally controlled sole-noids to make the modern grand piano into an exciting home entertainment instrument.

The Wm. Knabe grand you select can have the PianoDisc system factory installed so you know that it is done correctly and covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Ask your Knabe dealer for a full demonstration of the new millennium's player piano.

PianoDisc® iQ DVD Package

Several pianos are now available with factory-installed PianoDisc IQ DVD package featuring:
  • Netbook
  • compact WLAN base station
  • Music
  • Software pack

PianoDisc® iPad® Package

With a revolutionary touchscreen interface, amazing multimedia capabilities, and an impressively long battery life, the Apple® iPad® is a perfect compliment to your reproducing piano system. and generous media package.tablet

The iQ iPad Air systems includes:

  • iQ Player System
  • iPad 16 GB w/WiFi
  • Airport Express
  • $1,000 Music Software package


  • Wireless Playback: Your music can now be wirelessly streamed to an Apple Airport Express. The quality and reliability is very good, and eliminates the need for unsightly wires. Using the built-in iPod functionality, play and adjust your music from anywhere within your WiFi network.
  • Core MIDI: The iPad now has built-in support for MIDI, and can use many third-party MIDI adapters, such as the M-Audio Uno. The MIDI devices plug into the iPad via the optional “camera connection kit” which provides a USB port.
  • iPad 2: The latest generation of iPad features dual cameras, faster speeds, and a slightly slimmer profile.

PianoDisc® is a registered trademark of PianoDisc.


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